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Simple Multitasking for Arduino

Beyond Blink Without Delay If you’ve been building projects with Arduino-compatible microcontrollers for more than a few months, you’ve probably faced the challenge of orchestrating the timing of the processing functions for multiple switches, sensors, displays, LEDs, motors, etc. On your first simple projects, you probably got away with using one or more calls toContinue reading “Simple Multitasking for Arduino”

LEDs for Light Art – Part 4: LED Driver Circuits

This article describes hardware circuits, as part of a microcontroller-based lighting control system, that can be used to reliably and efficiently drive the various types of LEDs described in Part 1. Introduction This article starts with the basics of driving a single LED in a constant-voltage or constant-current mode, and then explores the options toContinue reading “LEDs for Light Art – Part 4: LED Driver Circuits”

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