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FidoLight RGBW Spotlight: Update #8

Well, there’s been lots of progress on upgrading my woodworking shop, but I won’t bore you with that. Somewhat less progress on the various “big” lighting projects, but there are a few updates on my FidoLight project that I think you might enjoy hearing about. As you may recall, I’ve been working for a couple…

Project Updates: February 2023

As I predicted in last month’s project update, there have been lots of distractions that have prevented me from fully completing the Octopus project. First, the massive amount of snow we’ve had this year in the western United States has motivated several ski trips. Lots of fun both here at Lake Tahoe and in Utah.…

Debugging with Capture Logs

This article describes a technique for debugging microcontroller firmware when a full-featured debugger or equivalent functionality is not available, and when print-statement debugging (also known as printf() debugging) is cumbersome due to the high rate at which debugging data is generated. The capture log technique involves storing the debugging data in memory buffers during normal…

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