Flex Controller

In a recent post I described my progress in developing a very compact RGBW floodlight that I plan to use for both art lighting and landscape lighting projects. I have an existing controller (the SLiC v2 board, described in this post) that is able to drive two of these “Fido” floodlights. But I challenged myselfContinue reading “Flex Controller”

Weatherproofing Techniques for LED Lighting Systems

In this article I’ll share my preferred techniques for protecting the components of an outdoor LED lighting system from the elements: rain, humidity, dust, sunlight, etc. I’ve been designing LED lighting systems for outdoor art installations/sculptures since 2019. My first couple of projects were for Burning Man, and my primary concern was ensuring that theContinue reading “Weatherproofing Techniques for LED Lighting Systems”

Desert Shark

I just returned from Burning Man, the annual event of epic proportions in the Northern Nevada desert. In case you haven’t seen my previous posts (like this one, and this one), I’ve been working on the lighting for a large glass-and-steel shark sculpture created by artist Peter Hazel. With a lot of dedication and sweatContinue reading “Desert Shark”


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