Project Updates

In a previous post I described artist Peter Hazel‘s new plan to create a a 20-foot Mako shark, made from fused glass plates mounted to a brushed-steel exoskeleton, for Burning Man 2022. That’s still the plan, but now Peter has added a couple more projects for this year. The first is really just a renovation.Continue reading “Project Updates”

Shark! (RIP Pele)

In two previous blog posts (#1, #2) I described my collaboration with artist Peter Hazel to construct a mock-up (a “maquette”) of a large sculpture (Pele the Fire Goddess) that he proposed to bring to Burning Man 2022. He submitted the proposal and the maquette to the Burning Man art grant committee in the hopeContinue reading “Shark! (RIP Pele)”

FLiCr LED Controller

If you read my recent post on the OpenRocket LED controller, you may recall that several key components are not currently available due to the supply chain issues affecting the global electronics sector. Now that I’ve used up my existing stock, I’m forced to redesign it with different parts. But I couldn’t resist making someContinue reading “FLiCr LED Controller”

Fire Goddess – Update #1

After another full day of work, the Fire Goddess proposal was submitted to the Burning Man art grant committee. Contrary to what we all thought yesterday, the proposals were due at 5pm, not noon, so Peter and team* had “plenty” of time to make many improvements to the maquette before the final photos/videos were submitted.Continue reading “Fire Goddess – Update #1”

Pele the Fire Goddess

My first art lighting project was a collaboration with Peter Hazel to create Niloticus, a 40-foot ceramic tile and glass crocodile that was displayed at Burning Man 2019. Although the 2020 and 2021 Burns were cancelled, I’m working with Peter again to create an artwork for the 2022 event in late August. His plan isContinue reading “Pele the Fire Goddess”

OpenRocket LED Controller

Now seems like a good time to write about the LED controller that I’ve been using for the last year or so. I based the Olympic Rings project on this controller, but there are several prior and subsequent project that I haven’t posted about yet (stay tuned for those). I originally designed the OpenRocket boardContinue reading “OpenRocket LED Controller”

Olympic Rings

My wife is a huge Olympics junkie and likes to host large parties to view the opening ceremonies. Jell-O shots in the colors of the Olympic Rings, flip cards to score the costumes in the Parade of Nations, the whole enchilada. So for the 2020 (really 2021) Summer Olympics, I decided too make her anContinue reading “Olympic Rings”


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