Fire Goddess – Update #1

After another full day of work, the Fire Goddess proposal was submitted to the Burning Man art grant committee. Contrary to what we all thought yesterday, the proposals were due at 5pm, not noon, so Peter and team* had “plenty” of time to make many improvements to the maquette before the final photos/videos were submitted. I didn’t change any of the lighting effects, but one of the additions was a lot of hair made from solid copper wire epoxied to the back of the head. The quantity of hair pretty much overwhelmed the glowing fiber optics, and made it nearly impossible to weave the fibers into the hair in some systematic way as I had expected. Oh well, a lesson learned to be applied to the full-size artwork. Also, another one of the hair illuminators failed, leaving us with only five fibers.

Now that the full proposal has been submitted, it will be 1-2 months before the Honoraria awardees will be announced. That will have a big impact on whether Peter moves ahead with the full-size piece, so it may be a while before I post more updates.

Below are the photos and video included in the final proposal.

*Kudos for great work by Ellie, Heather and Tweeter

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