Wiring Design for Addressable LED Strips

The goal of this article is to give you all the information you need to design the wiring for a project that includes one or more addressable LED strips. And you’re thinking: “Does the world really need another article explaining power injection?” Well, yes, but only if you’re not satisfied with generic “rules of thumb”Continue reading “Wiring Design for Addressable LED Strips”

FLiCr LED Controller – Update #1

Lots of progress to report. I’ve assembled the first prototype and have run a series of tests to validate the design. So far everything has worked almost perfectly and my list of next-revision improvements is very short. One of the most important tests was to confirm the functionality and performance of my “reconfigurable LED driverContinue reading “FLiCr LED Controller – Update #1”

Fire Goddess – Update #1

After another full day of work, the Fire Goddess proposal was submitted to the Burning Man art grant committee. Contrary to what we all thought yesterday, the proposals were due at 5pm, not noon, so Peter and team* had “plenty” of time to make many improvements to the maquette before the final photos/videos were submitted.Continue reading “Fire Goddess – Update #1”

OpenRocket LED Controller

Now seems like a good time to write about the LED controller that I’ve been using for the last year or so. I based the Olympic Rings project on this controller, but there are several prior and subsequent project that I haven’t posted about yet (stay tuned for those). I originally designed the OpenRocket boardContinue reading “OpenRocket LED Controller”