Project Updates: January 2023

Happy New Year! Last month I described the early progress in building a 22-foot ceramic tile octopus sculpture that is destined for a commercial building complex in Morro Bay, California. The sculpture itself is now 95% complete, and all 405 of the WS2811 pixels have been mounted underneath the translucent glass “suckers”. The pixels andContinue reading “Project Updates: January 2023”

Project Updates: December 2022

As the new year approaches, I thought it would be a good time to provide an update on the projects I have underway, and some new ones that are just getting started. FidoLight I’m continuing to test the latest version of the 4-channel buck driver board for the RGBW FidoLight spot/flood light. I’ve started experimentingContinue reading “Project Updates: December 2022”

FidoLight RGBW Spotlight: Update #7

One of my recent posts described the design details of the latest iteration of my 4-channel buck constant-current driver board that’s intended to be used with a high-power Cree XML RGBW module. As mentioned at the end of the post, I just received the bare PCB v5 boards from PCBWay, and the components from Digi-Key,Continue reading “FidoLight RGBW Spotlight: Update #7”

Gamma Correction for LED Lighting

Gamma correction, as applied to LED lighting, is a confusing and commonly-misunderstood topic. Proper application of gamma correction is important in achieving smooth brightness and color fades. Although there are a least a couple of articles out there that explain this concept and its application to LEDs (see links at the end of this post),Continue reading “Gamma Correction for LED Lighting”

Weatherproofing Techniques for LED Lighting Systems

In this article I’ll share my preferred techniques for protecting the components of an outdoor LED lighting system from the elements: rain, humidity, dust, sunlight, etc. I’ve been designing LED lighting systems for outdoor art installations/sculptures since 2019. My first couple of projects were for Burning Man, and my primary concern was ensuring that theContinue reading “Weatherproofing Techniques for LED Lighting Systems”