LEDs for Light Art – Part 1: LED Types

A vast array of LED products is available for a wide range of applications. When selecting LEDs and related components for an art application, a solid understanding of several key LED characteristics will help you find an optimal solution. This article describes the LED and LED subassembly types that are most commonly used in lightContinue reading “LEDs for Light Art – Part 1: LED Types”

First Project: Niloticus

My very first project was designing the lighting for a 40-foot long ceramic tile sculpture of a Nile crocodile, created by well-known local artist Peter Hazel for Burning Man 2019. It’s made from over 80,000 hand-made ceramic tiles, plus fused glass eyes, teeth, dorsal ridges, and tail fins. The artist’s goal was to individually backlight each fusedContinue reading “First Project: Niloticus”